One-room wonders: Danish brand Vipp launches its new hotel line

Danish metalworker Holger Nielsen could not have imagined that the pedal-controlled bin he designed in 1939 for his wife’s hairdressing salon would eventually lead to the creation of Vipp, a fully fledged empire of home and kitchen accessories. Nor that the bin itself would end up in MoMA’s permanent design collection. And he certainly could not have imagined that the bin would be the impetus for one of the most intriguing hotel concepts we’ve seen in a long time.

Cool new concept: Japanese capsule hotel meets co-work space

Global Agents Co., LTD has just announced THE MILLENNIALS in Kyoto's bustling Kawaramachi district, looking to leave its mark on Japan's Capsule Hotel culture by integrating technology and social spaces to bring a utilitarian concept into the realm of semi-luxury with over 150 multi-functional Smart-Pod units spread over 4 floors of prime Kyoto real-estate.

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