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Alberto Pinto’s redesign of the classic 1970's Palm Beach carries the original’s design focus into a new era. Rather than a typical update by which a new identity is simply superimposed on an old structure, Pinto clarified original design elements to bring them to the fore, resulting in a strong late-modernist statement.

Located in an old palm grove, the Miami Beach-inspired façade curves to provide visual relief and a constantly flowing sense of interior and exterior space. Turquoise-mosaic pools and public spaces in a muted palette play up sun and shade. Dramatic lighting effects are created by oversized spot-lit areas for a glamorous retro effect. Bold Pucci-style patterns are reinterpreted in an array of different textures and materials, including being sandblasted onto mirrors around the bar or transformed into expressive light shades. Materials such as chrome, mirrored glass, travertine and marble add strong accents of luxury and old-school elegance.

The 328 rooms reflect the distinct stylistic era of the building, a particularly decadent take on seaside glamour. Pinto’s redesign involved playing up colour contrast to celebrate sunset, sea and sand: Thus walls are bathed in warm tones and floors come alive in cool colours. Furniture is uncluttered and displays clean, rounded lines, accented by chrome, varnish and brass. Bathrooms are adorned by the extensive use of travertine and marble. The overall effect is less retro than contemporary, as Pinto’s scrubbing of unnecessary elements and emphasis on modern materials shows just how forward-looking the original design was in the first place.

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revamped icon

by styletraveller, on 2009-09-24 17:20:30


70 points

If they say 1970's tourism builds ruined the Spanish costas and islands, in the case of the Hotel Palm Beach they were wrong. This hotel turned into being quite an icon actually. Now with it's revamped 1970-ish interiours it's even all the better. And what grows better and better is the beautiful palm grove in which the hotel is situated. Very unique! Rooms are ok, maybe not completely up to today's standard but hey I here low-tech is into fashion again.... Do like the privileged feeling you get staying here, any moment you expect someone famous to pass by. Mostly German tourists...but hey...imagine. Speaking of German tourists, as this hotel is owned by a German hotel chain the breakfast is fabulous! Served in that -yes- palm grove.

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