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Set on a crescent-shaped beach lined with coconut groves is Amanwella. Its suites on the outside are traditional wooden bungalows, while the interiors are bold and minimal, almost spartan in sharp lines of wood and concrete, with high loft ceilings and sleek modern furnishings. Plunge pools, private terraces and deep free-standing soaking tubs are standard, and every suite looks out over the beach. The luxury resort has a restaurant, bar, library, spa and beach club.

✅Free Wi-Fi in common areas
• 27 suites

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• chilled and relaxed • designed in a non-colonial style interpreting contemporary Sinhalese style with sorbet shades and a vibrant nod to sophisticat...
  • beach
  • boutique
  • minimalist
  • royal
  • spa
  • swimming pool


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