X2 Kui Buri

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Away from the busy city and tourist spots, X2 Kui Buri is a creative and stylish resort that offers a unique holiday with its luxurious facilities in an informal atmosphere.

A three-hour drive from Bangkok, Kui Buri X2 is a tranquil beach side resort that offers guests rest and relaxation. The area around the resort is an undeveloped fishing village, thus leaving the surroundings and beach peaceful and unspoilt.

Lined with large trees that have been carefully taken care of, X2 Kui Buri stands on a unique piece of land with large, open spaces blending in with nature. Each villa comes with its own terrace, garden and pool, offering guests much privacy and luxury.

Besides a spa, X2 Kui Buri also serves a range of Asian and western favourites in its restaurant. Often appearing in the menu, local seasonal produce are skilfully prepared by the international chefs, giving you a delicious dining experience.

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A magical hideaway in Kui Buri

by Liang Tan, on 2009-10-03 21:44:25


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The X2 resort in Kui Buri is a hidden gem. The hotel is located about an hour south from Hua Hin and hence, is not burdened by a lot of tourists. The beaches are beautifull and ideal if you just want the beach for yourself. The rooms are minimalistic, but are well fitted with ample luxury and comfort. Mack the hotel manager received us at the arrival and we were upgraded to a Deluxe pool villa on the beachfront. The room was magical! We had direct access to the beach and a private pool of about 10 meters length, as well as a private terrace. The room is spacious and has: * Absolute beachfront position * Indoor and outdoor showers * Single King size bed * Sofa * Plasma TV * DVD/CD/Mp3 player * Mini-bar * Media library * Outdoor Sun lounges * Individual Air-conditioning * Satellite TV * Broadband Internet The showers are located in open air and there are two. The bathroom is spacious and nicely fitted. The room itselfs has big bolder stone walls, which gives the room a natural feel. This is a definitely a place were I would like to came back to again.

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