The Marmara Antalya

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What’s most often the main selling point of a seaside hotel — the view — is most often, in practice, its biggest weakness as well; lured by the promise of transcendent vistas, travelers too often find themselves relegated to the “garden view” or some such rooms, while the sea views are reserved for the high rollers.

It was only a matter of time, then, before someone came along and democratized the whole process. The Marmara, perched high on the cliffs of Antalya, has solved the problem of its sublime Mediterranean view by installing the world’s first revolving hotel — guests saddled with a sorry view of the parking lot need only wait a minute or two for the sea to come back around again.

It should be noted (as some of our readers inevitably reach for their Dramamine) that it’s only the 24-room “Revolving Loft” section that rotates; there’s a good old-fashioned fixed building as well, with even better stationary views (albeit expensive ones) from the upper floors and the best to be had from the “Snow White” penthouse suite — we’re assuming this is more about the color scheme than anything to do with dwarves and poisoned apples.

In all rooms, top to bottom, expect a breezy modernist Mediterranean look by the French designer Christian Allart. All the familiar trappings of the seaside resort experience are here — spa, bars, restaurants, vast outdoor pool, private beach — as well as, rather uniquely, an artificial river, for those who can’t afford to miss a day of kayak practice.

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