Royal Adam & Eve

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  • Royal Adam & Eve Hotel Belek Turkey
Not only does it occupy the geographic and cultural frontier between Europe and Asia, but there’s a sense in which Turkey is also the wild frontier of the hotel world. And as such it’s a country that doesn’t shy away from the extreme. Take the Adam & Eve hotel as an example — this is the design hotel grown massive and gone off its medication.

Which is a wonderful thing, if you’re interested in diversity of form. The location is Belek, a Mediterranean resort town in the general vicinity of Antalya. And the hotel is minimalist by day, but a different story at night, when its monochromatic facade is lit up in every color of the rainbow.

At nearly five hundred rooms this is no mom-and-pop outfit — but Adam & Eve is proud of its size, boasting the world’s longest hotel pool as well as the world’s longest cocktail bar. Rooms are minimalist-chic and heavily mirrored, which means its claim to be the “world’s sexiest hotel” depends a bit on the sexiness of the guests. It’s certainly a contender for the title of the world’s most over-the-top hotel — know going in that it’s more about the nightclub and the pool scene than about white-glove luxury and you’re likely to have quite a time.
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