Sha Wellness Clinic

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Sure, an apple a day is good, but for those in search of a health strategy that's a little more refined, Spain's Sha Wellness Clinic has gone the extra mile. Rolling over in your lounge chair, you swap views of the low-profile pool for the far-off silhouettes of Alicante's hills; what's next on your plate? Was it an anti-aging treatment? Anti-tobacco? Or was it aesthetics? Better consult your Agenda Manager.

Sha Wellness Clinic is not your typical resort. The focus here is on healthy, fruitful living practices that stay with guests long after they've begrudgingly returned to the rat race. Your customized itinerary could include any number of treatments. From cooking classes, yoga, and psychology, to breathing lessons, chi-kung, and acupuncture, Sha Wellness Clinic is what happens when eastern wisdom meets western modernity - and they end up becoming best friends.

Being that all work and no play will make anyone a dull boy or girl, Sha also offers a gorgeous spa, and healthy, delicious food. Hydrotherapy, body wraps and massage are just precursors to SHAMADI, the resort's harmoniously driven restaurant. Seasonal, local, healthful and tasty, SHAMADI's cuisine is well rounded to say the least.

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by Luis dominguez, on 2010-10-15 19:54:43


96 points

I take nearly 20 years visitin the best spas in Thailand, India. I´ve never seen a place like this. Is defently the mos serious health retreat in Europe.

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