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Diamond Point
  • Hotel Encanto Acapulco
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✅Free Wi-Fi in public areas
• 44 villas and suites
• Architecture & Interiors: Miguel Angel Aragones

Acapulco's jaded hotel scene has a new beacon of light after Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragones flicked the switch of the neon charms of his Hotel Encanto. Located far enough from the dense, concrete jungle that swallowed up much of everyone's favourite Mexican beach destination in the 1980s, Hotel Encanto is a 14-carat intervention in Diamond Point, an upmarket home from home for Mexico City's money moguls and soap stars.

With 44 villas and suites in total, 20 of which have their own pool, Aragones' small but not insignificant debut into the world of hospitality returns to the essence of what drew the likes of Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor to Acapulco in its 1960s heydey -a good view and spectacular nightlife.

The architect says he shaped this white gem using three main elements: 'cement, marble and the sea'. In every step he has either tapped or hidden the deep blue waters of the Mexican Riviera, converting them into the final magic ingredient of every inch of this intimate little resort. Despite being a five-minute walk from the beach, Hotel Encanto's elevated position and Aragones' clever design invites the ocean to join the lucky guests lounging by the infinity pool during the scorching days. But it is also gives them something to fill the void left by its gaping absence at night.

Aragones' creations are known for their innovative use of lighting, and Hotel Encanto is no exception. It is really only after dusk that his ultra-contemporary vision comes to life. At night, the sleek white suites are transformed by colourful lighting, while the atmosphere of the chill-out lounge and Monica Patino's Asiatic-inspired restaurant constantly changes under an electronic rainbow of red, blue, yellow, green and lilac LEDs reflecting off the subtle shades of white marbles, the canvas for Aragones' art. The lights are programmed to change every half hour or so, in homage to the changing tones of the Mexican sunsets that so inspite Aragones. Here, you can feel your mood is being manipulated, but you just don't care: that's the irresistible charm of this place, which is not called Hotel 'Enchantment' by mistake.

✅Free on-site parking.

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