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Housed in an elegant 1920’s building -once a school-, Wanderlust is an avant garde boutique design hotel showcasing a diverse range of fun themes. It is located in Little India, one of Singapore's most vibrant neighbourhoods. The Wanderlust redefines 21st century Singapore design hotel chic. Pop Art, ancient Origami and cutting-edge culture are amongst the inspirations behind the dazzling interiors.

Each themed guestroom (Pantone, Mono and Whimsical) is the luminous work of a set of award-winning agencies. Playful and experimental colour mixes with neon lighting and glass-walled bathrooms to create a cool ambience, paired with modern comforts such as iPod docks, Kiehl’s toiletries and a Nespresso machine.

Restaurant Cocotte serves rustic French cuisine in a welcoming, casual setting at Cocotte. The restaurant also houses a bar for an unwinding session over drinks.

24-hour reception.

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 29 rooms

❌No parking available.

• Bugis and Little Indian MRT stations: 10-minute walk
• Changi Airport: 25 minutes' drive
  • art
  • boutique
  • brilliant
  • heritage


Traveler Reviews

Wanderlust hotel - different from any of the Singapore boutique hotels

by Liang Tan, on 2013-02-03 23:03:48


73 points

The building on Dickson road is one that you cannot miss. The urban concrete lobby is unlike any other. There are different themes on each floor. The environment feels like a comic book, with vivid colors. The beds are great, but unfortunately the walls are not. The noise from our loud neighbors kept us awake for a big part of the night. The breakfast at Coccote is a good French breakfast in a nice ambiance. If you looking for an adventure you are at the right place!

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