Cantera Diez

historic centre
  • Boutique Hotel Cantera Diez Morelia
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Hotel Cantera Diez features eleven suites of exquisite design, elegance and comfort hosted in a newly renovated 18th century building. In an atmosphere of perfect balance between the modern style of its interiors and the colonial flavor of its architecture, will enjoy high quality service that will make your stay unique and unforgettable, whether you travel for leisure or business. The Restaurant at Hotel Cantera Diez offers the opportunity to sample an array of dishes, including the flavorsome local cuisine. In the sophisticated and exclusive Bar area, you will be able to savor the most prestigious wines, both national and international, paired with appetizing refreshments. The magnificent view overlooking the Majestic Cathedral of Morelia and its excellent location makes Cantera Diez the ideal starting point to explore every corner of this enigmatic city.
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