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  • Tree Hotel Harads Lapland Sweden
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In the High North of Sweden deep inside the woods, where the tree tops touch the sky, there is a place inspired by friendship, designed with genius, made by magic, perfect & pure. This is Treehotel! What Treehotel is offering is a new experience living close to nature in a place of great natural beauty, where joyful childhood memories can be relived with added comfort and sophistication.

The Tree rooms vary from 15 - 30 square meters and they range between 4-10 meters from the ground. The hotel rooms are build mainly with wood, though one room has a glass facade. All of the Tree Houses are situated up in pine trees.The rooms can be accessed by either a ramp or sturdy stairs. Two of the rooms have an electric retractable stairs. When you arrive to Treehotel you check in at Brittas Guesthouse. At Brittas Guesthouse we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a restaurant, bar, sauna and spa, TV, internet. All year around activities are offered, depending on season.

Treehotel is located in the beautiful village of Harads, approximately 60 km south of the Arctic Circle, and one hour drive from Luleå, which has the largest airport in northern Sweden. Harads is a place that surrounded by forest and water and by stillness and wilderness. Here lives 600 inhabitants. We have restaurants, stores, hostel, gas station, swimming facilities, view point Klippan and a beautiful church.

✅Free Wi-Fi
• 7 rooms

✅Free private parking nearby.
  • architecture
  • eco
  • minimalist
  • ski


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