Corte della Maestà - Timeless Retreat

Civita di Bagnoregio
  • Corte della Maestà - Timeless Retreat Civita di Bagnoregio
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Set in a former seminary, Corte della Maestà - Timeless Retreat is located in the fairy tale Civita del Bagnoregio. Perched on top of an outcrop of volcanic tuff, it can be reached only by a vertigo-inducing footbridge. The Etruscans founded it about 2,500 years ago, and its location in Lazio – close to Rome, and the borders of Umbria and Tuscany made it a bishop's seat until 1685. 

The individually decorated suites are tastefully furnished with antiques, their authenticity in strict harmony with the environment. Each consists of a study/living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom with bath and/or shower. Windows offer magnificent panoramic views of the garden and the breathtaking landscapes beyond. Each of the suites has its own distinctive features; "The Abbess" (40m2) has a 19th-century French fireplace, a freestanding iron bathtub and a balcony, while "The Sleepwalker" (40m2) has an early 19th-century theatrical headboard and ample windows overlooking the gardens. "The Intruder" (35m2) has a decidedly French atmopshere with a painting by Pierre Sallé and overlookings the valley. "The Writer" (40m2) has reproduction wallpaper that covered Virginia Woolf's London home, a direct access to the garden, a pergola of roses and a 16th-century fresco.

Also, in the village another house can be rented on a weekly basis. "L'Altra Corte" has a large living room with fireplace, kitchen with direct access to the garden, two double bedrooms with bathroom, a loft bedroom, and a large and panoramic garden overlooking the picturesque valley.

A typical Italian breakfast, including hot drinks, croissants and homemade pastries is served in the atmopsheric kitchen (with its high ceilings which also acts as a common area for guests to interact) or in the garden. Other meals can be served here on request. Listen to music, play the old Forneris piano, read, or watch art films on the large screen in the lounge situated in the vaulted cellar. Local wine, ham and cheese tastings can be arranged.

The building is adjacent to the episcopal seat that was active until 1685, with which it shares a large garden and an orchard, a part of which is at the guests’ disposal.

Guests can enjoy the small spa suite with a sauna and hot tub for two. Here, also massages are available.

The whole villa can be rented on exclusive use.

Your host: Paolo Crepet & Cristiana Melis

✅ Free Wi-Fi
• 4 rooms, 1 apartment

Public parking at a location nearby (charged).

• Lake Bolsena: 15 km
• Montefiascone: 16 km
• Viterbo: 28 km
• Rome: 107 km

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