Rockhouse Hotel

  • Rockhouse Hotel Negril Jamaica
  • Rockhouse Hotel Negril Jamaica
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Hexagonal thatched-roof buildings, volcanic Jamaican coastline, and sparkling turquoise waters give the Rockhouse Hotel a look and feel that's straight out of a Robinson Crusoe fantasy. The truth is not far off: the resort designers sought to mimic the seamless merging of man and nature so beautifully exemplified by African village life. Guests can integrate locally in the restaurant and rum bar Pushcart, which features live reggae music and a menu inspired by the best of Jamaican street food. A stunning infinity pool set in a cliff-top rock garden perfects the back-to-nature atmosphere, while ubiquitous references to the Caribbean Sea and surrounding Jamaican countryside complete the picture of an island getaway. Throughout the property, ladders and stairs carved into the rock provide easy access to the water, while a new temple-like spa pavilion – complete with massage cabana, Caribbean drench hut, and yoga pavilion – rounds out this laid-back haven of relaxation.

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