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B.O.G. Hotel

B.O.G. is a design hotel located in Bogotá's fashionable North district. The impressive granite and natural stone rectangular architecture conceals the simple,...

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa

Set on a narrow lane in the Cartagena's central neighborhood of San Diego, Tcherassi is a luxury boutique hotel is set in a refurbished colonial mansion. It is d...

The Charlee

The Charlee is a glamorous boutique hotel located in Medellin's popular El Pobaldo neighbourhood. The hotel's retro-style décor combined with loads of mode...

The Click Clack Hotel

The Click Clack Hotel is a cutting-edge design hotel with quirky details such as  the Space Invader-patterned elevator to the closet door handles, porcelain a...

W Bogotá

Located in northern Bogota's popular Usaquen district is W Bogotá, a luxury design hotel by Stawood's W brand. The hotel is located in a corporate p...

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