Sir Paul Hotel Limassol Cyprus

S Paul Hotel | Limassol, Cyprus

If visitors to burgeoning Limassol, Cyprus are lacking for anything in 2019, it’s certainly not hotel choice — an irresistible challenge for the Martinis Family, who have opened S Paul against the backdrop of rapid development and the city’s new marina.

Cut from two neoclassical houses reshaped and redesigned by the Athens-based Elastic Architects, the property showcases 22 minimal guestrooms marked by bespoke furniture alongside unfinished stone, glass and bronze accents for a mood that is history revisited and then some.

It’s all pulled together by a white-washed palette of earthy tones alongside a gold decorative motif inspired by the buildings’ original windows, and a continuous theme of arches, from the original limestone curvatures that adorn the patio to newer incarnations that disguise light sources and distribute a sense of majesty throughout.

Conversely public areas, which orbit both a grand 19th century staircase and a verdant courtyard, are far more austere, with black and green marble, and polished brass distributed throughout with a linear geometry. It all adds up to pleasant dichotomy of traditional and contemporary, where Cyprus’ past and present sit comfortably on the same page.

From: Wallpaper* Magazine

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 22 rooms & suites • hotel opened: 2019 • architecture & interior design: Elastic Architects (Athens) ✅ free on-site parking • no pets allowed • 24-hour front desk

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