Hotel & Villa Auersperg Salzburg

Hotel & Villa Auersperg | Salzburg

Vibe: Quintessentially Austrian, but none of Alpine kitsch or Sound of Music schmaltz.

Area: A pleasant stroll away from the Unesco-listed historic city centre.

The DNA: The Hotel & Villa Auersperg is a proper slice of Salzburg chic. The outstanding, (three generations) family-run boutique hotel is housed in a beautifully restored 19th-century villa, and features heaps of charm, with interiors a pleasant hotch-potch of antique and modern décor. Marble floors and antique furniture are complemented by designer touches, deep-cherry wood panels and a colour palette of midnight blues, along with calming pinks and many shades of grey. Old colour-tinted photos of iconic landmarks across the globe adorn the guest room walls.

Owner Bettina Wiesinger took over her grandmother’s hotel from her parents in 1996 and was also responsible for the construction of Haus Hirt in Badgstein (which, together with the Miramonte hotel are run by her sister). Mark, Bettina’s husband, works independently in building construction and design and thus compliments Bettina perfectly. Heiner Raschhofer, Bettina’s brother, runs the ROSSBRÄUS, continuing the family brewing tradition, which began with their grandfather’s brewery, Brauerei Raschhofer, in Altheim. Also, not only is the hotel Bio Austria certified, it practices the principles of the “common good economy” ( on private enterprise and individual initiative, where companies do not compete with each other for financial gain, but cooperate with the goal of the greatest common good – a fundamental new approach.

Suite-Me-Up: The stylish rooms range from “mini” to suites and are distributed between the hotel building and the adjacent villa. They come with polished wooden floors and modern designer furniture, such as a marble oval coffee table, Artemide lamps and Eames-style chairs.

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