Hoshinoya Guguan Hotel, Heping, Taiwan

Hoshinoya Guguan | Heping, Taichung | Taiwan

Hoshinoya Guguan, Taiwan, opened on June 30 in the Taichung valley famed for its natural hot springs. Encircled by a mountain range and forests, this is the area’s first luxury hot spring resort. The natural spring waters of the valley flow through the property’s outdoor Water Garden, which encompasses a wooded glen for meditative walks, a serene outdoor bath area and even a bamboo grove.

“There are many attractions that are unique to this region, but what we were particularly passionate about this project was not the location, but the quality and quantity of hot springs,” said Hoshino Resorts CEO Yoshiharu Hoshino. “There has not been an instance where a ryokan with 40 rooms could use such a large amount of hot water in a Japanese hot spring resort. An inn where you can enjoy hot springs at such an elevated level was the first theme of this project. While the guest room open-air bath is not new to our brand, the location allowed us to explore the idea of creating a guest room bath with a free-flowing hot spring from every guest room.

Every guestroom features a hot spring floor with a private outdoor hot spring bath, as well as private outdoor terraces. Guests can also opt to receive healing treatments at the spa as well as a separate public bath area on a ridge, offering views of the undulating valley and mountain range. Published rates range from US$440 to US$703.

“Perhaps our most impressive feature is our Water Garden space with abundant spring water and hot spring water sourced from the surrounding mountains,” Hoshino said. “The spring water passes by the open-air bath and bamboo forest, and flows through the water garden, changing its form in various ways and winding through the expanse of the property.”

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 49 rooms & suites • hotel opened: June 2019 ✅ free on-site parking • no pets allowed • 24-hour front desk

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