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A look at brands: Hyatt introduces new select service brand “Caption”

Hyatt Hotels Corporation introduced a new lifestyle brand, Caption, a select-service concept that leads with elevated F&B and aims to have a global presence.

Caption by Hyatt “has been designed to create a location where guests feel comfortable striking up a conversation with someone new over a cup of coffee, a bite to eat or a drink at the end of the day,” according to the Chicago-based company. The announcement was made yesterday at the Lodging Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Some details:

Public spaces: Social spaces will encourage guests and locals to hang out and will be designed with natural materials and with flexibility in mind, but not geared toward a specific age demographic (so it is not geared to Millennials only!). The overall brand approach is unique in the select-service segment, Gary Dollens, global head – design/product and brand development at Hyatt, told HOTELS, because programming isn’t pushed at guests but is more naturally incorporated. The organization of the spaces results in “self-activated, natural energy,” he said. (Avenir Creative, a Chicago-based design firm, was involved in creating the prototype.)

Guest rooms: Guest rooms will be “cozy” – not micro – and guest baths are fully enclosed and are the best in the select-service segment in terms of cost, Dollens said. Rooms are designed to size up or down depending on the footprint, but there are no communal or hostel-style designs, and spaces are intended for guests to use on their own terms.

F&B: Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group consulted on the F&B approach but is not operating, Dollens said. All-day offerings elevate the select-service approach and evolve through the day like the social spaces and are “a vibrant mash-up between café, market and bar,” the company said, with “conversation-worthy” options that highlight local culture.

“The bar in the F&B space flips from coffee in the morning to spirits in the evening,” Dollens said.

Experiences: The brand “will create the conditions for connections that matter” – that means all-day F&B, but also public spaces with plenty of outlets, multi-purpose spaces for small gatherings and a calendar of events including trunk shows to local beer tastings.

The cost per key is competitive with the Hyatt Place brand, Dollens said, and opportunities will be managed, mostly internationally, and franchised, mostly in the U.S.

While there are no properties in the pipeline yet, the concept is “highly scalable.”

“Owners are convinced we are on to something and there is significant interest,” he said, adding that he had never seen a reaction to a new brand like the ones from owners at a conference a few months ago.

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