El Rey Court hotel Santa Fe

El Rey Court | Santa Fe, New Mexico

With impeccable attention to design detail coupled with Southwestern charm, El Rey Court is a motel update with authenticity at its core…

Originally opened in 1936 on a piece of Route 66 that has since been redirected, El Rey Court is an 86-room motel located on a reimagined roadside motor court in New Mexico’s capital Santa Fe; a city known for its creative arts scene and Pueblo-style architecture.

Set over a five-acre campus, El Rey Court boasts a contemporary Southwest vibe—from its amiable ambience to modern amenities and local artworks. With a variety of room types and an abundance of spaces to unwind and explore, guests here can enjoy local laidback sensibilities, combined with New Mexican aesthetics and glossy-mag-interiors that include Kiva fireplaces, ceilings typical of the region, ornate tinwork, and willow shutters.

Owners Jay and Alison Carroll—keen to create a design-forward motel update for a social media generation with an acute sense for aesthetics coupled with a sense of authenticity to its surrounds—have hit the nail on the head here at El Rey Court; from Logan Maxwell Hagege’s print that hangs behind the front desk, through a swathe of custom-made design pieces dotted around the spacious buildings, and cute kitsch detailings. 

Craft beer, wine, sake and mescals can be downed in easy-going La Reina, a bar open every evening to welcome weary travellers and lairy locals. And for those who wake with a heavy head, the El Rey Court Swim Club at the heart of the property features a large pool in which to rejuvenate under the Southwestern sun perhaps; a hair of the dog cocktail in hand.

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✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 86 rooms & suites (22-151m2) (237-1,626 sq ft) • hotel opened: 2019 (originally 1936) ✅ free on-site parking • pets allowed • 24-hour front desk

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