BnA Art Hotel Koenji Tokyo

BnA Art Hotel Koenji | Tokyo

The Bed & Art Project (BnA) is an ambitious art hospitality project that aims to support Japanese artists while providing a unique and unforgettable experience of “staying in an art piece” in Japan.

BnA Art Hotel Koenji has a bar and gallery where guests can meet and interact with the local creative community. The vision: Many of the most talented contemporary artists in Japan are unable to make a living through their art alone. This is partially because in Japan, purchasing and displaying art in one’s home is not a common practice. For this reason, the increasing number of visiting art enthusiasts quickly realize, much to their disappointment, that small private galleries featuring the work of rising Japanese artists are few and far between in Tokyo.

In an effort to ease the burdens of both Japanese artists and art aficionados visiting Japan, BnA designed a mutually beneficial ecosystem within which the two can interact. This system was brought to life in the form of independent art hotel rooms, where artists receive a share of the profits from each room booking, and visitors get the chance to live inside a functional work of art.

✅ free Wi-Fi • 2 rooms • hotel opened: March 2016

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