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You care where you stay. The authentic, the inspirational. Anything non-cookie cutter. You are not looking for a “home away from home”; after all what is the point of travelling? You are open to experiences. Sometimes you stay ultra luxurious with all bells and whistles, sometimes you stay budget.

You get inspired by architecture and design magazines. You like Wallpaper* and Monocle. You like Condé Nast Traveller. You can find many of their finds here. With the larger hotel chains you go for their, non-standard ‘lifestyle’ offerings. Or you are interested to learn about new hospitality concepts, like tech-forward chains and hostel-hotel and co-working/co-living hybrides.

You like niche websites like Mr & Mrs Smith, or Tablet Hotels. We are working hard to get all of their listings on here too. And we add many of our own finds, plus yours – if you like any of your favourite places to stay to be featured on our pages, just let us know. Contact us here. We aim to be the #1 platform for people who care where they stay so you do not need to surf for hours to find the perfect place.

So how does this work?

When you look for a place to stay you can either search by destination or by experience. DNA Hotels is unique by the wealth of experiences you can search for. It goes way beyond the standard amenities you may look for on, say Booking or Expedia. Ofcourse you can search for star ratings (although we like to call them luxury, charm or brilliant), swimming pools, fitness centres or yoga.

We are really big on style. Each and any one of our listings is a stand-out, because of its architecture, design (or non-design) or style. Think boho chic, minimalist, glam & sexy, contemporary classic, brutalist, retro vibes. Speaking of vibes: you can choose quiet or happening. You have a favourite architect or designer? Have a look here. You have a favourite brand of bathroom amenities? Look no further.

At the bottom of the profile you will find an alternative to the listing or you can use any of the #tags.

DNA Hotels is totally independent in choosing which accommodations to promote. We are not part of or affiliated to any company, frequent customer program or OTA (online travel agent, like Booking or Expedia)*. Our service is free of charge to you. Also, for accommodation providers there are no costs to join DNA Hotels. We may earn a commission if you book by clicking one of the provided links (see below). That means if you choose to do so you have an agreement with either the booking provider or the accommodation provider direct, not with DNA Hotels. We like to keep our pages as up-to-date as possible, however if you find anything wrong please contact us through the form.


You also like simplicity in booking: on the hotel pages you will find links to either or to our new direct booking system, powered by our tech partner HyperGuest. HyperGuest is a system which allows accommodations to ‘sell’ their inventory to travel providers like us. It is cheaper for property managers to use and it challenges the status quo in accommodation bookings. Did you know 95% of all travel bookings are through only 3 companies?

By clicking these links we may earn an affiliate fee. There are no extra costs for you, and best of all: you keep DNA Hotels live – our inspiration is always free. *Some profiles have a red booking button, these are members of the old DNA Hotels business model (paid memberships) and will be gradually deleted over 2023, so by the end of this year DNA Hotels will be totally independent in the way we promote our listings.

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Frankly, we are not much on social media. We like to, but we are simply to busy searching new members and getting them on the platform. But you help: sharing DNA Hotels is caring! If you like to keep updated with any new profile, leave your email address below. And no, we do not share or sell your details.