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DNA Hotels is on a mission to become the #1 platform for people who care where they stay. We believe in authenticity, real experiences and true connection. Places that make people smile. Going beyond boutique, design and luxury.

DNA Hotels sits at the sweet spot of our three pillars: community, simplicity, direct bookings. Not just another booking channel.


Rather than being a corporate business, DNA is a community of like minded souls. Those who appreciate things being a little different, who cherish individuality and authenticity. Like knows like. People who value a good design hotel as much as an organically grown family business. Big, bold and brutalist, but also small and charming. Community nowadays seems to equal the number of followers you have on any given platform. The importance of social media platforms is determined by those platform themselves. And what does an influencer add to your business floating around in your pool? We steer away from social media, instead we build a community not dependent on the whims of social media.


No frequent guest programs here, brand standards or paying to get on top of search results (or any SEO of that matter). No ‘the money is the list’ newsletters, Tik Tok video’s or any social media marketing efforts. DNA Hotels is simply those places that matter for people who care where they stay.

Direct bookings

Bookings are made direct in the hotel’s booking engine. No connectivity, integrations, allocations, or channel management needed. Not even time needed. This saves the DNA Hotels member considerable costs, now paid to the likes of Booking and Expedia. Because in the end it is you who pays.

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