Do you have a quality travel or lifestyle website, blog or portal? Earn money by promoting our members’ official websites. By placing a simple text link in your editorial content, which we will track, you can earn a generous commission on each completed stay. Affiliotel specializes in the hospitality sector, not only major international brands, but also small individual properties like B&B’s, guesthouses, vacation rentals or private villas.


  1. Consumer visits your website, blog or portal and clicks the link within your content which directs to a client’s website;
  2. Consumer makes a reservation on the website of the client;
  3. Consumer concludes his stay (check-out);
  4. You receive a commission.


Q: Is there a fee to join Affiliotel?

A: Affiliotel is free to join for affiliates. There is no sign-up fee.

Q: How much do I earn?

A: You earn a commission on every generated booking. If the client concludes his stay, the commission will be added to your account. In general your commission will be 5% of the (room) sales amount.

Q: Where do I find the campaigns?

A: You are signing up to one single program (campaign) only. You do not need to sign up with several national or regional affiliate-marketing programs. Also, after acceptance* into the Affiliotel program, you do not need to sign up to every single or hotel chain; you can start right away promoting any of our members.

* Affiliate websites are verified manually and have to meet our quality standards. Affiliotel or our members have the right to refuse any affiliate website that does not meet the quality standards or is considered offensive.

Q: What is your cookie return policy?

A: We have a 30-day cookie return policy (longer than industry standards!), so the customer does not have to make a booking right away.

Q: How do I create the (text) links?

A: After browsing the directory simply choose the accommodation you want to promote by typing the name into the deep link generator in your dashboard. Promote hotels individually, by chain or group, in a specific city or region, by theme or style: the possibilities are endless. The created link will automatically include your specific account details. Basically you just need to copy and paste the link into your website, blog or portal.

Q: Where can I view my sales and earnings?

A: If you log into the Affiliotel network you can view all (real time) reports and earnings in one central location. We report to you the basics: number of unique visitors and conversions/sales, confirmed bookings and cancellations with the name of the individual property/offer.

Q: How am I paid?

A: As soon as the monthly –low- threshold payment level is reached, you will have your money transferred into your bank account (SEPA countries) or by PayPal. Multiple currencies are available.

PLEASE NOTE: Affiliotel is currently in development and we do not accept any affiliates yet. We aim to launch at the end of 2018. However, we would love hearing from you. Tell us a little about you (including your URL) and we can promote you with our hotel clients – which are already signing up.