Always book direct with the hotel or accommodation of your choice. Contrary to belief, they usually offer the best rate or can top it with some perks not offered by online travel agents (OTAs) like Booking or Expedia.

The so-called free booking service offered by OTAs is not free at all! Hotels pay huge amounts of commissions to OTAs who at the end charge this to you… so be smart and book direct!

Some hotels on these pages have a “view the hotel website” button. By clicking this link DNA Hotels gets a commission (which doesn’t cost you anything extra) or this hotel has a paid membership with DNA Hotels.

By the end of this year (2021) we aim to introduce a direct booking service to all listed hotels. That way you will get an online booking tool with real-time rates and availability without leaving the DNA Hotels website. This service will also be available to affiliate websites who currently do not have an online booking tool and promote direct bookings for their member and promoted properties.