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More than just another booking portal

DNA Hotels is on a mission to become the #1 platform for people who care where they stay. We believe in authenticity, real experiences and true connection. Places that make people smile. Going beyond boutique, design and luxury. It is a platform for authentic and inspirational accommodations (not only hotels: also hostels, guest houses, b&b’s, holiday rentals, glamping, co-living, and everything in between). It’s for people who care where they stay: looking for an experience beyond just accommodation.

Experience translates to various meanings. Think destination or location: a hip neighbourhood, on the beach or in nature. Think wining and dining: Michelin starred restaurants, fabulous hotel bars, hotels in vineyards, cooking classes or self catering. Activities: hot air ballooning, bird watching, skiing, surfing, golfing (really?). Relax and unplug: yoga, no TVs, Northern Lights, spa & wellness. Bring your dog, wheelchair, husband of any gender, kid(s) or leave your kids at home (adult-only). Happening or quiet.

Whatever the experience; it is always in good style at DNA Hotels. Like a design or lifestyle hotel, a family-owned charmer, a legendary grand hotel, a midcentury marvel or other retro vibes, inspirational architecture. We go way beyond the usual location and facilities search of the major booking sites. We even offer a search based on your bathroom amenities preference or favourite architect/designer. For a complete experience hit the Experiences button in the menu.

Bookings are made direct with the hotel through our tech partner HyperGuest. Bookings made direct result in much lower costs, ultimately benefitting both host and guest. Big players like Booking and Expedia charge high commissions, and what seems to be free actually is not. Also, booking direct means you deal with the hotel without a third party having to operate a huge customer department. We are currently ‘filling’ the booking widget at the top of each page – come back often and use it to your advantage. Flickering pop-ups like “Only 1 room left” and “26 people looking at this hotel now” NOT included!

As you surf our pages you will notice our focus is also a bit different. DNA Hotels is about the story of the place, it’s about… the DNA! We are less impressed with the number of stars at the door, but we do like to know about the idea behind the place and the people running it. What is special about your room – not just listing a number of amenities. What the vibe is like. And yes, the mantra location, location, location is good – but so is a less obvious choice beyond the beaten tracks. Photos and videos do not show meeting facilities nor wide angles.

We like simplicity. No frequent guest programs here, brand standards or paying to get on top of search results (or any SEO of that matter). No ‘the money is the list’ newsletters, Tik Tok video’s or any social media marketing efforts. Community nowadays seems to equal the number of followers you have on any given platform. The importance of social media platforms is determined by those platforms, only for the sake of self. Speaking from experience, for example having seen our 1 million+ monthly views on Pinterest completely diminished as we dit not advertise on Pinterest. And we kind of like no disturbing exits from our website.

At the moment texts (can we call them stories?) are written by an in-house team plus we often include links to features in our favourite magazines – think Wallpaper, Monocle, WeHeart, architecture and design spreads, Conde Nast Traveler. However, we like to form a group of travel writers who regularly visit listed accommodations to keep profiles updated and personal – not ‘influencers’ making use of your pool for self promotion. It is a first step to create a true community: not only hosts, guests and storytellers, but also architects and designers and anyone who cares where they stay: ambassadors to the DNA Hotels platform.

Come join us!