Eressian Hotel & Hammam Spa | Lesbos, Greece

Eressian Hotel & Hammam Spa | Lesbos, Greece

The Vibe: Classic Greek.

The Area: Lesbos, famous for its poets and possibly most for Sappho, who was born here in the village of Eressos, tucked away in the rugged southwestern corner of Greece’s third largest island. Unlike the more southern Aegean islands, the style here is more classical and colourful than the minimalist blue and white ethos of the Cyclades. Also, tourism here is perhaps of less concern, with a more authentic vibe – and certainly less party atmosphere. The beach is 3km, while Lesbos Airport is 30km.

The DNA: Alex Michalas’, the property owner, great-great-grandfather built the house for his family. The owner’s grandmother was born in the house in the 1910s but sold the house in the 1950s to enable her to move to Athens. In the 2010s, Alex bought back the house back and reopened it as a small boutique hotel in 2020. The main objective in designing the hotel rooms was to highlight the history of the building with its main features: the wooden floors, the imposing staircase and the internal and external masonry. Alex is active in the community with an emphasis on sustainability – opening up this area of Lesbos to visitors while putting local people and nature first. The breakfast menu is “100% Lesbos” with all ingredients seasonal, local and organic. Like the “Eressian Eggs Benedict”: poached eggs from Eressos with toasted brioche slices, kavourmas (traditional sausage) from Lemnos and Hollandaise sauce with local sheep butter. For lunch and dinner, the village restaurants (too, open all year) are at your disposal, or the communal kitchen can be used. For such a small hotel, it’s got a fairly elaborate spa program, fusing eastern and western traditions to achieve ultimate rejuvenation, with offerings ranging from self-directed baths to full-scale hammam and massage treatments.

Suite-Me-Up: Eressian offers just 4 accommodations, 2 rooms and 2 suites. Although the atmosphere of the mansion is determined by high ceilings, large windows and a sweeping staircase, the guest rooms feel rather intimate. All are individually designed, inspired by elements of the original interior. For example in the Sappho Suite, the dominant feature is a unique ceiling rose with golden acorn details – a personal homage to the first owner, an ancestor of the current owner.

Your host: Drosos Tarnaras

Accolades: Small Hotel Spa of the Year 2021 – Greek Hotel of the Year Awards

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 2 rooms (16-18m2) (172-194 sq ft), 2 suites (30-35m2) (323-377 sq ft) • hotel opened: 2020 • architecture: Christos Kapareliotis, Filio Sampsaki • interior design: Kostas Myrogiannis • bathroom amenities: Olive Era ❌ no parking available • no pets allowed • open year-round

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