Filinona B&B | Noto, Sicily

The Vibe: Artisanal goes contemporary.

The Area: Just a few minutes walk from the historical baroque centre of Noto.

The DNA: Filinona is a luxury designer B&B where local designer Salvatore Spataro Objects mixed artisal objects, plants and ancient tools to create a mix of traditional and contemporary, representing Sicilian culture. are inspired by elements of local culture: Sicilian cards, wicker baskets, and colorful ceramic plates. Floor are decorated with small-sized tiles reflecting the island’s colours. From the entrance they fuse with the wonderful bathrooms rising from the walls of the showers up to the ceilings.

Suite-Me-Up: There are just three rooms, all the same size, so you can’t go wrong.

Your host: Corrada

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 3 rooms (24-25m2) (258-269 sq ft) • hotel opened: 2019 • interior design: Salvatore Spataro ✅ free street parking • no pets allowed

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