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For hoteliers

Invest in the direct booking revolution with bookhotels.direct

forget old style OTA bookings, in with the new!

Would you like to attract more (direct) bookings with the power of the OTA’s but without the costs?

With bookhotels.direct hotels, guesthouses, b&b’s, holiday rentals and other accommodation providers attract more direct bookings and become less dependent on the OTA’s like Booking and Expedia.

By integrating with your booking engine or channel manager* and linking to your own official website you:

  • receive direct bookings with all its advantages
  • pay a maximum of 10% commission
  • get listed on http://www.bookhotels.direct, the direct booking platform
  • PLUS: get listed on charmhotelsweb, DNA Hotels and/or any affiliate website, blog or portal you want to work with

All this without extra work! You just work with your booking engine as you are used to. Absolutely NO extra channel to upkeep.

bookhotels.direct is currently in development (we aim to launch 2020), but we are already open for registration with properties that fit the charmhotelsweb – the guide to charm and luxury hotels – and/or DNA Hotels – the guide to soulful and authentic hotels – sites’ profiles. Sign up now and receive commission free bookings from these sites until integration with your booking engine.

How it works:

A sign-up fee is charged:

  • €195 for hotels with 29 rooms or less
  • €295 for hotels with 30 rooms or more

This fee is used as a threshold for future commissions, to ease the first payments and administration costs. Only after the threshold is reached you start paying commissions. The sign-up fee thus is returned with the commissions, so basically there are no costs other then commissions.

As soon as the platform launches you will also be able to sign-up for the http://www.bookhotels.direct website, a general booking website. It is going to be similar to Booking.com’s website with one BIG difference: all bookings are made direct. No middle man, direct customer relationship and maximum 10% commission. Also, from integration you can work on a commission basis with any website, blog or portal signing up to the platform – a measurable way of doing business with online publishers and social influencers.

PLUS: Until integration with your booking engine or channel manager is realized (the risk is on us) you benefit from a free listing on charmhotelsweb and/or DNA Hotels with no commissions. No links going to Booking.com or other OTA’s! Not to mention we promote your property on this blog and through our social media. We focus on Facebook and Pinterest, with our pages (like the popular “Where to stay” guides) attracting 200,000+ views a month.

*for properties who do not have an online booking engine in place on their website we offer our business listing for a fixed fee per year or we can introduce you to our partner’s booking engine.

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