Hotel NO | Melbourne

The DNA: Having owned a three level car park in Melbourne’s CBD for around a decade, James Fry decided he wanted to do something a little bit outside the norm, something different for a city that revels in being different; after banding around ideas of a rooftop cinema, restaurant, and pool (all distinctly not different), inspiration hit one eve after a few ales, and the concept of NOTEL was born. The hottest event and accommodation space in the city perennially listed the world’s most liveable, Hotel NO features six fully renovated and restored 1970s Airstreams; sourced from the United States after Fry went on a ‘research holiday’. Costing $70,000 a piece, they were completely gutted, shipped to Geelong, driven up to Melbourne and lifted onto the car park rooftop where they’re now in huge demand every night. ‘Every new wrinkle I have and every bag under my eye has been worth it,’ admits Fry, whose accommodation located just off Flinders Lane is anything but the typical hotel; there’s no concierge, no restaurant, no bar, no gym, just six airstreams, some cleaners and James himself. Access is via a clue sent to your smartphone. We know it involves a door near a coffee shop (which is the proverbial needle in a haystack in coffee city) and a texted code. Parking is gratis, naturally.

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 6 vintage trailers (12m2) (129 sq ft) • hotel opened: 2016 ✅ free parking on-site • no pets allowed • 24-hour self check-in

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