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Joining DNA Hotels

Here’s how it works – hassle free direct bookings.

DNA Hotels is all about authentic and inspirational places to stay. Can be luxury, but doesn’t have to be. A new ‘lifestyle’ project or a (half a) century-old legend. Proudly independent, whatever your chain affiliation might be. It’s Tablet Hotels, Mr&Mrs Smith, The Aficionados and Design Hotels all rolled into one. And some own finds thrown in. It’s fingerspitzengefühl and je ne sais quoi. Yet distinctively DNA Hotels.

Direct bookings

We are all about direct bookings. We are not a middle man and as we do not operate a customer service (after all, you know best) we do things much cheaper – max 10% commission on generated bookings. As you can see surfing our pages – cheap doesn’t mean giving up on style.


No need to allocate, upload or log-in. We pull rates and availability direct from your PMS or Channel Manager*. No time or money invested. Just be sure your own official website has the best rate available.

Here’s how it works:

Contact us and give us a little bit of info to see if we match. If we swipe to the right we ask you to place one of our logo’s (click this link) in a visible place on your website. It’s old-school, but still works perfectly: relevant traffic to create a great community of people who care where they stay. And with your one-time registration fee we create a low-cost, direct booking platform which should be ready by the end of this year:

€ 99 for properties with 10 rooms/units or less

€ 199 for properties with more than 10 rooms/units

Until then, NO commissions.

Any questions? Talk to us.