Join DNA Hotels – Inspirational Places to Stay

A platform for passioned hoteliers and hosts, DNA Hotels is for people who care where they stay.

We are the one-stop platform for the coolest places to stay: Authentic. Stylish. Local. Sustainable. Cultured. Think online and offline inspirational publications combined and filtered in one. We are Mr&Mrs Smith, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Wallpaper* Magazine, HIP Hotels, Monocle, Design Hotels™, Tablet Hotels, The Aficionados and ArchiLovers all in one. Plus many, many more, including our own unique finds.

Why we are different:

  • We are about storytelling. We list you in a unique “blog style” way showing your USP’s, not in the generic way of the OTA’s and most other websites. By creating content that matters for the target audience we create loyal customers, not bargain hunters.
  • Although we actively promote direct bookings (including a direct booking tool*), there will always be clients who choose to book differently. Our commission free listings leaves us the opportunity to also promote you through these channels.
  • By building a network of passioned hosts that have “a story to tell” and by promoting each other’s businesses through DNA Hotels we tap into the ‘hotel lovers’ niche and reach ‘the right’ customer. We will also be introducing a “best practices’ guide and preferred suppliers network.
  • By setting aside one room night per year for a member of our Hotel Writers Club not only will you get great content, you will also get a professional review that matters in a world where everybody seems to be an expert nowadays and is bombarded by reviews, which do not add to the story of the hotel. We prefer a more journalistic approach by real experts.
  • NO social media. Excuse me, what did you just say? No social media? Yes, well almost… read about it here. We do Pinterest, and we do it well: our pins over the last year got between 750,000 to over a million views per month. Popular boards include various style boards and “Where to stay” guides.
  • We believe there is more then selling a bed only. Our tagline inspirational places to stay is not a hollow phrase. Have a look at our “collections” and see how your property fits. Or add your own!

With the current pandemic it is understandable you limit your marketing expenses. However, think ahead – people are still surfing the net for inspiration for coming stays. Even if stays now are limited and regional (if you are open at all), travel will resume at some point. Now is the time to capture your audience and invest in the future!

Join! – Here’s how it works

The annual membership is a flat fee and includes all our services:

  • €499 for properties with 20 keys or less.
  • €999 for properties with 21 keys or more.

We ask you to place our logo/banner on your website:

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The banner has to include a link to either the DNA Hotels homepage or your individual listing. We will be including a link to your official website (see the “view the hotel website” buttons throughout the DNA Hotels pages).

*By the end of 2021 we will be introducing a direct booking tool with real-time availability and rates. Bookings generated and consumed are charged at a 1€ fee per booking, so NO COMMISSIONS. Currently we are open for accommodation providers which use one of the following PMS’/channel managers:

• Book and Link • BookingButton • Cubilis • D-Edge (Availpro, Fastbooking) • EZYield • Hoteliers • Hotel Spider • iHotelier • Little Hotelier • MEWS • Online Hotel Experts • Planet Winner • Rategain • RezExchange • RoomRaccoon • Siteminder • SmartHotel • Travel Click • WuBook

Like to join or your PMS/channel manager not listed above? Just send us an email and we’ll take it from there.