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Joining DNA Hotels

Here’s how it works – hassle free direct bookings.

First of all: DNA Hotels is not just another booking channel, but a platform/community of likeminded souls. We are about authentic and inspirational places to stay which offer an experience beyond just accommodation.

Direct bookings

We are not a middle man and we do not operate a customer service (after all, you know best). Our commission on generated bookings is 5%. And as you can see surfing our pages – cheap doesn’t mean giving up on style. But wait, 5% – did I read this right? Yes, you did, there is no 1 missing. As said we are a community, therefore we ask you to be an active member. So leaning behind after signing up to Booking or Expedia and watch the bookings come in (at a price) is not what we aim at. Neither are we looking for the hoteliers and hosts that do not want to be on multiple booking sites, which for some reason always seems to include one of the two mentioned before. Or the ones that think having an online booking engine automatically brings in commission free bookings. Where are they going to find you? Are you an SEO expert?

We ask you to promote our community by placing on our logo/banners (some examples below) on your website in a visible place. Let your guests know about us – word of mouth works way better than social media! And if you know special places that would fit DNA Hotels, tell us – tell them. We don’t admit any accommodation on DNA Hotels, they have to fit our ethos.

Our tech partner

We work with HyperGuest which allows our customers to search rates and availability and book in realtime. HyperGuest has integrated loads of PMS’ and channel managers*. If your PMS or CM is not covered yet, contact us and we do our best to get it connected. With HyperGuest you can also connect to other travel providers. The onboarding is speedy and simple (we will share your contact details with them and they will help you further). In the market place section of HyperGuest we arrange our agreement. Payments are handled by you directly as customers book in your booking engine with the terms and conditions that apply there.

Any questions? Talk to us.

We adhere to the principles of the economy of the common good: transforming the economy for the people and the planet; benefitting employees, suppliers, customers, business partners, the local community and society at large – not to mention sustainability and the environment.