You’re not ordinary, so why join an ordinary booking channel?

DNA Hotels aims to be the #1 platform for people who care where they stay. Highly targeted, defied of demographics, we are about authenticity, real experiences and true connections, moving away from institutionalized and standardized lodging options. Time to move to the next level!

Why we are different:

• Our blog-style website has a journalistic approach. Not only hotels, but all inspirational places to stay are presented in a playful, non standardized manner. With our ‘The DNA’ section on the individual profiles we highlight the why (owners, concept) in stead of the what. People are really interested in why you do things, which explains why TV programs about people starting a b&b or small hotel abroad are so popular. Meaningful content is written by our club of professional ‘hotel writers’ as opposed to endless, non-relevant reviews and to create loyal customers, not bargain hunters.

• A highly targeted audience, yet without being pigeonholed. Stepping away from the Millennium Mantra. Customers nowadays are individuals and cannot be pinpointed. That’s why we include a broad range of accommodations, from old school hotel experiences to glamping, private houses to sailing cruises.

• With our #tags we go beyond the usual search options offered by the OTAs. Customers can look for specific (architectural) styles and vibes, out-of-the-ordinary experiences, features and facilities, wining & dining, pets and kids – or no kids. Hotels are so much more than just a place to rest. Think wine hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, hot air ballooning, art and culture classes, yoga retreats, Brutalist beauties, revamped motels, penthouse suites. Have a look at our experiences (more coming!).

• Our focus with social media is on Pinterest. This fast growing platform is ideal to promote our members: Pinners are looking for real inspiration, not just passing time looking at celebreties or friends. Also, the Pinterest environment has less intrusive advertising/sponsored posts and distraction to click away. Currently the pins on the DNA pages attract around 900,000 to a million views per month.

• Not just another booking channel. We are about direct bookings*. We integrate direct with your own booking engine. No middle man, no allocations, no requests, no signing in, no time and no money invested. Not even a channel manager needed! Customers can view rates and availability in real-time on the DNA Hotels website and when ready to book are being diverted to your own website. Also, no competition from the OTAs on our site (hello Google, Trivago and TripAdvisor).

• We believe in fairness and honesty. No money grabbing OTAs and killer contracts. We charge a maximum of 10% commission on bookings generated and consumed.

• DNA Hotels is not just another distribution channel, but a platform of likeminded hoteliers, hosts, travel writers and friends. This way we build a community of likeminded spirits. #inclusion!

Here’s how it works:

The annual membership fee includes the set up and keep up of the profile and administration costs. We will arrange a text and a selection of photos are usually found on the internet. Otherwise we will ask you to supply. After your final OK on the profile and settlement of the first invoice you will be fully online. This also includes various pins on our Pinterest, like the “where to stay” guides and style boards. After the first year you have the option to make use of our Hotel Writers Collective and keep your profile’s content fresh and up to date.

Annual fees:

1-9 keys: €149

10-19 keys: €199

20-49 keys: €299

50 keys and over/groups: inquire

Being part of DNA Hotels you are required to place one of our banners (example below) on your website. This helps getting more organic traffic to both the DNA Hotels’ and your website. Websites that have great content, run smooth technically and have relevant in and outgoing links perform better in the (Google) rankings.

To get started we need your company details: official company name, registered address and if you are within the EU your VAT number. By the time we start charging commissions we will send you a detailed contract which you have to sign.

* We aim to introduce the direct booking system this year, 2021. The system is currently connected with the following property management systems and channel managers: Book and Link, BookingButton, Cubilis, D-Edge, EZYield, Hoteliers, Hotel Spider, iHotelier/TravelClick, Little Hotelier, Mews, Online Hotel Experts, Planet Winner, Rategain, RezExchange, RoomRaccoon, SiteMinder, SmartHotel and WuBook. New connections are constantly being made. Until launch of the direct booking system and/or if your property is not integrated yet we will include a link in your profile to your booking engine until integration, hence no commissions will be charged, but tracking is limited.

Interested in making a real difference? Become a founding member.

Those who make a substantial contribution (€3,500 and over) benefit from three years of having no commissions charged. In stead you pay bookings at cost price (1€ per transaction) and have your name prominently featured in the DNA Hotels’ website. Inquire!