Kagan Hostel Kyoto


The DNA: A Kyoto hotel blurs the lines between coworking, co-living and the traditional hospitality concept; KAGANHOTEL a residency-based multipurpose arts facility that is home to emerging artists – currently from Japan and America – who have studios, spaces to exhibit, and accommodation within the property. The hostel-style rooms are minimal but design-minded, with bunkbeds and function over form. The young artists, meanwhile, live out of private rooms on the third and fourth floor of the property, which is located close to Kyoto Central Wholesale Market in the Suzaku Hozo-cho neighbourhood of the city and boasts good access to the rest of the city. 

Seen: WeHeart

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 11 rooms (19-100m2) (205-1,076 sq ft) • architecture & interior design: OHArchitecture • parking possible on-site (charged) • no pets allowed

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