La Sosta di Ottone III | Levanto, Italy

La Sosta di Ottone III | Levanto, Italy

The Vibe: So near, yet so far away.

The Area: La Sosta is located in the medieval hamlet of Chiesanuova, a 10-minute drive from buzzy Levanto with its beaches, considered the 6th of the Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is heavily traveled at peak season, but from here, high on a hilltop, you’d never know it – Chiesanuova is as quiet as it gets, with no cafés, shops, or restaurants, and consequently very little in the way of tourism. You have to leave your vehicle some 100 metres away and walk up a narrow street whilst a monorail will take your luggage up.

The DNA: La Sosta di Ottone III is owned by travel and culture-loving Canadian, Italian born, Angela who opened the place some 20 years ago. The charming hotel takes it name from Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor, who on his way to being crowned in Rome, spent a night in 988 on the spot where La Sosta (‘The Stop’) now sits. The current building, though, “only” goes back to the 16th-century. Angela today is no longer part of the daily operation but her presence is still felt behind the scenes. A small team takes care of the guests. The whole atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. Breakfast and dinner are not just eaten… they are celebrated here. Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the seascape is an experience in itself: homemade cakes, honey from Pignone by Patrizia Moggia, local orange marmalade, butter mixed by from the the organic cooperative of Varese Ligure. Every evening the chef prepares dishes featuring only local ingredients while playing with recipes that follow tradition and have a little personal touch. Like the Croxetti, a local pasta. The restaurant has scored many awards over the years and is mentioned in the Michelin guide. La Sosta’s old sommelier is now a wine producer herself and selects the wine list, composed of local and mostly natural
wines. Interiors feature noble Chiavarine chairs and works by artists who live in the area. Arts and crafts are very present in La Sosta and events are often organized to exchange ideas about them. In short, a really charming and authentic inn in a stunning area of Italy.

Suite-Me-Up: The charming, simple country-house charm style guestrooms combine contemporary colors and design with historical architecture and atmosphere in perfect measure. Surprisingly ample for such an old house, they also feature air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms in marble or mosaic. All have spectacular views of the Levanto valley: olive trees as far as the eye can see, shimmering greens and, at the bottom, the glistening Ligurian sea.

Your host: Angela Fenwick

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 6 rooms (23-26m2) (248-280 sq ft) ✅ free parking nearby • pets allowed on request • seasonal hotel: open mid-March to mid-November

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