DNA Hotels

MeeHotel | Shenzhen

district: Futian

With Shenzhen existing as a modern, bustling tech industry city, MeeHotel envelops guests in a tranquil, bamboo-filled setting—a key element that nods to the location’s Bamboo Forest moniker. To that end, Hong Kong-based studio Panorama Design Group maximized the urban resort’s footprint with an ingenious reinterpretation of traditional design elements.

In the lobby, bamboo was chosen as the key material giving the space a sophisticated light and shadow effect to its main wall. Full height bamboo screens define the reception and lobby lounge area and a pitched roof ceiling and natural diatom mud finished walls provide a minimal and leisure feel to the entire space. The designers’ use of bamboo—wrapping pitched ceilings and as floor-to-ceiling screens—creates an immersive experience.

The ceilings weave a sense of movement and tranquility throughout the public spaces, but it’s the internal courtyards between guestroom floors that allow the concept to truly come alive. The double height courtyards and a reflective lake with a bamboo installation of dancing curves graces these spaces. Punctuated by a bamboo installation that resembles birds in flight – soaring and plunging through the space to produce a playful interpretation of light and shadow on the floor.

In the rooms, bamboo and rattan headboards echo patterns found in the lobby (done in different lengths and thickness) and complement the overall neutral palette. Thoughtful embellishments adorn the space, creating a sanctuary of comfort and luxury for guests to enjoy during their stay.

On the uppermost level is the Sky Café, housed in a bamboo structure with a cathedral ceiling that evokes a calming forest-like cocoon. A skylight provides abundant natural light during the day and, with circular LED lights patterned as glowing moons, provides guests with a poetic experience at night.

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