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The new DNA Hotels (direct) booking revolution

Looking for a tech and/or affiliate marketing partner

The DNA Hotels booking model in a few words

• a curated worldwide collection of authentic, individual and inspirational places to stay (not only hotels)

• an easy to use booking model quoting the accommodation’s official website best rates and perks

• lower costs per sale reaching a targeted audience through a system of affiliates

The OTAs (online travel agent, like Booking or Expedia) do a lot of things right. They reach a huge audience with their marketing efforts and offer customers an equally broad choice of accommodations to book. However, for accommodation providers, this comes at a cost – one of the highest of any industry – usually between 15% and 25% commission. What most general OTAs do not do right is matching the right customer with the right accommodation. Search options are limited to price and location and a few facilities, forgoing the audience who care where they stay, not just the cheapest option near a certain location. And those niche OTAs who do, do so at higher commissions to the general OTAs.

Here’s where DNA Hotels come in. By offering a highly curated – and limited (“less is more”) – collection of places where people actually want to stay with search options (tagging) far beyond the scope of any other OTA. Think #art, #petit & boutique, #individually operated, #co-working & co-living, #hot air ballooning, #legendary palaces, #room with a view, #sustainability, etc, etc. All this, plus the usual option to limit or expand to a certain location and availability and rates in real time.

The availability and rates come from one single, and already operational, system quoting the official website’s best rate and perks. The customer books direct with the accommodation, eliminating the need for a customer service department and giving the customer the service from the one who knows best: the accommodation provider.

At the front end there is the DNA Hotels website, or this could be an affiliate – like other targeted online media, or social media influencers. At the back is an affiliate marketing system handling tracking and commissions. Major advantage for affiliates is a consistent worldwide platform of unique places to stay with the current affiliate marketing landscape being limited to either OTAs or major chains, usually fragmented into specific countries or regions.

Looking for a partner

My strength is my extensive knowledge of the market for authentic and inspirational places to stay. Boutique and design hotels are so 2010s… To give you an idea: my database of possible listings include over 6000 properties and is not extensive by far. This a tremendous growth market, as seen as virtually every hotel chain is now focussing on lifestyle brands and non-standardized collections. Bringing this market together in one single platform has not been done yet.

To make things work I am looking for (a) partner(s) who can connect the aforementioned booking system with the front (DNA Hotels platform, affiliates) and back (tracking and commission handling/payments). This could be an already existing affiliate marketing platform. I am currently based in The Netherlands but the idea is to built a remote network.

Let’s discuss and connect!