Quinta das Lágrimas | Coimbra, Portugal

Quinta das Lágrimas | Coimbra, Portugal

The Vibe: Although the names translates as Estate of Tears, there is nothing to cry about this charming luxury hotel.

The Area: Coimbra sits between Porto and Lisbon: an hour’s drive south of Porto, and two hours north of the capital. It is one of central Portugal’s more interesting cities, with a Medieval old town and one of Europe’s oldest universities. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is just across the river from the main historical centre, which is up a steep hill. It is best to take a taxi up to the university, then walk back down to the hotel.

The DNA: Quinta das Lágrimas is a historic luxury hotel renowned for its beautiful surroundings, historical significance, and upscale amenities including its charming and elegant interiors, featuring antique furniture, intricate details, and luxurious materials, that reflect the historical character of the property. The hotel is set within a picturesque estate that includes the palace dating to the 14th-century (the current dating to the 18th), lush gardens, a fine-dining restaurant and a top-notch contemporary spa. The interiors were designed to capture the essence of Portuguese heritage and offer a blend of classic and modern elements.The Quinta das Lágrimas estate is historically significant due to its association with the tragic love story of Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro, which adds to the romantic and poetic ambiance of the hotel.

Suite-Me-Up: Rooms and suites are distributed between the palace, and the contemporary garden and spa wings. The Palace rooms are a stately size, and some have period features and vintage furniture. The Pedro and Inês Suite – with its modern four-poster bed – is set in the circular rooms of a Medieval tower, with a beautiful wooden-beamed ceiling.

✅ free Wi-Fi in public spaces • size matters: rooms & suites (22-55m2) (237-592 sq ft) • hotel opened: 1994 ✅ free on-site parking • no pets allowed • 24-hour front desk • wheelchair accessible

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