nhow Hamburg St Pauli bunker hotel

2023: REVERB by Hard Rock | Hamburg

The DNA: Previously announced as nhow Hamburg St.Pauli, the hotel which is scheduled to open in 2023 and will be operated by RIMC Hotels & Resorts Gruppe, based in Hamburg, under Hard Rock Hotel’s new REVERB brand. Currently there is one REVERB Hotel operational in Atlanta, Georgia and another two in the pipeline. The hotel is currently being built on top of the stunning St.Pauli bunker, right in the heart of the city. It will extend over five floos in the shape of a pyramid, housing 136 rooms, a bar, a café and a restaurant. One of the project’s most eye-catching features is the landscaping plans: a spectacular roof-top garden. The hotel will enjoy fantastic panoramic views of Hamburg, in the line of sight of the Elbphilharmonie and a leafy and meandering green walkway that will surround the bunker.

About the bunker St. Pauli

Built in 1942 in just 300 days, even with the use of forced laborers, the bunker on Feldstraße was one of two so-called flak towers, initially intended primarily for air defense. It was also propaganda of the Nazi regime. During the II World War, tens of thousands of Hamburgers found protection against Allied air raids. Meanwhile, the bunker St. Pauli has long been home to companies from the media, culture and creative industries., and will remain there after the hotel is built in the rooftop.

The enormous Hochbunker (lit. ‘high bunker’) next to the U3-station Feldstrasse.

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