Are you a publisher and storyteller (blog, website, social media) and write about travel and/or lifestyle? Let’s collab and promote the DNA Hotels member properties. Stay totally independent – even promoting your own media – while having the back-up of the The Hotel Writers Collective.

DNA Hotels is for people who care where they stay: #authentic #inspirational #stylish #local #sustainable #cultured. We aim to develop DNA Hotels into the platform to turn to for the places to stay. Not only hotels, but also b&b’s, holiday rentals, glamping, etc, etc. Small and large. Independent and corporate.

We like to take a more journalistic approach. Not so much reviewing. We get a little tired from “staff responded to every wish”. Personally we don’t test staff to respond to every wish. Or “we didn’t have breakfast, but it looked great”. If you didn’t, we don’t care that much. We do like to hear the story behind the hotel, the owners, the idea. What is the vibe? The style? What are the amenities in the bathroom?

Hoteliers and hosts get many requests for collaborations and reviews, serious and not so serious. They often do not have the experience to judge these proposals, or base them on blurred (social) media stats, like many views with little engagement or few views with a highly targeted audience. Our aim is to offer our members a quality ‘label’ with whom to collaborate. The members of our Hotel Writers Collective can make use of this co-op by referring to other members if they cannot take on a specific assignment or use each other’s materials to translate. From personal experience I often notice that texts in my native Dutch perform better than in the (crowded) English language space.

In return for a free stay your texts will be featured on the DNA Hotels website with you being credited as an author. Also there is the possibility to link to any of your online publications. Any other travel expenses are yours. Also, we will showcase your publications on a dedicated page available to our members and customers.