The Millennials Kyoto

The Millennials | Kyoto

The DNA: The Millennials in Kyoto’s bustling Kawaramachi district,  looking to leave its mark on Japan’s capsule hotel culture by integrating technology and social spaces to bring a utilitarian concept into the realm of semi-luxury with over 150 multi-functional Smart-Pod units spread over 4 floors of prime Kyoto real-estate. In the pods, a generous ceiling height of 2.3m (7.5 ft) creates a comfortably spacious ambience. The bed is comprised of a 1.2m wide and 25cm thick pocket coil mattress giving perfect comfort. The bed can be transformed into a sofa by adapting the reclining function. When in sofa mode, floor space comes up giving enough room to change inside the pod. Underneath the bed, there is a high capacity sliding cabinet, where even a large suitcase can be stored. Pulling down the partition will turn the pod into a home theater with a large 80-inch screen. All the functions in the pod can be controlled with an app on the integrated iPod touch provided at check-in. Also, guests can adjust lighting, air-flow and  the unique, soundless alarm system slowly raises guests to a seated position along with steadily brighter lights, enabling guests to wake up bright and early without disturbing their neighbors. Every floor has completely private individual shower booths. The 8th floor lobby doubles as a stylish coworking space, with full meeting rooms, private phone booths, and a common kitchen for guests and members to cook simple meals during their stay. With an open-concept design, this lobby area focuses on encouraging interaction between travelers and local entrepreneurs, in a lifestyle complex dubbed “andwork.” All users of this community space have free access to unlimited coffee, and a daily happy hour provides free draft beer every day from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

✅ free Wi-Fi • size matters: 150 capsules (3-6m2) (32-65 sq ft) • hotel opened: July 2017 ❌ no parking available • no pets allowed • 24-hour front desk

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