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DNA Hotels is the platform extraordinaire to the #authentic, #soulful, #local, #sustainable, #cultured and #original. No cookie-cutter here. We make the world a better place to sleep as there is already to much mediocrity out there.

These are the places that make us smile: architecture, design, heart warming hospitality, mesmerizing views, craftsmanship, barefoot luxury, venerable, newbies, Alpine peaks, deserted South Pacific islands, petit & boutique, big & bold. And so much more. Idiosyncratic? Maybe. Random? Definitely.

We aim to become the one-stop site for places to stay that shine. The tucked-away bolthole you read in a magazine and forgot about. The hip new place in the ‘hood. That legendary grande dame. Local tipple in a fabulous bar. Sleeping under the stars in a super comfy bed. Art Deco. Art Nouveau. Vintage. Industrial Chic. Bird watching or hot air ballooning.

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Bon voyage!