Eremito | Parrano, Italy

Eremito | Parrano, Italy

The Vibe: Monastic.

The Area: Set within the Umbrian hills, Eremito is located on 3,000 hectares of protected natural reserve. Nearby Parrano is celebrated for its innumerable mineral springs and Roman ruins. A land of robust flavors, ancient culinary traditions, and fresh produce, Umbria is brimming with cozy, family-run trattorias where you can try the local cuisine in often atmospheric, historical locations.

The DNA: Built stone by stone upon a derelict house, Eremito took four years to create. Adhering to the 13th-century art of Italian masonry, 130,000 stones were used in its construction. Despite its traditional appearance, Eremito is technologically and sustainably up-to-date. The electricity is generated by a photovoltaic system and while it satisfies the needs of the hotel, the main source of lighting is still candlelight in keeping with the property’s retrospective spirit. A focus on time, peace, and contemplative spaces has resulted in an interior style where natural materials take precedence, and where furnishings are few but comfortable.

Suite-Me-Up: Exuding a monastic aesthetic of cell-like spaces or “celluzze”, rooms enable one to fully retreat into a setting that is perfect for contemplation. The uniqueness of this place is marked by a peculiarity. Each cell has underfloor heating supplied by a wood-burning boiler. A comfortable seat and desk in stone sit next to the window, and will inspire whether looking at the green valley or the rose garden outside. The experience is designed for single travelers, but not in the sense of a singles cruise. There is a great need for ways to be alone, to find the space and silence to enjoy the beauty of living.

Your host: Marcello Muzilli. Read his fascinating story.

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❌ no internet service • size matters: 17 rooms (9m2) • hotel opened: 2013 • architecture: Nino Nenna ✅ free parking 3km from Eremito, transfer service • adult-only • all meals included

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