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Friends of DNA Hotels

Lover of authentic and inspirational places to stay? Designer, architect, photographer, (copy) writer, blogger, story teller, website builder, hospitality technologist, marketeer? Local/regional brewer, vintner, cosmetics producer, food supplier? Anything else that helps our DNA Hotels grow and stand out? Join our friends club!

In other companies these are usually called suppliers. But as we like to do things a little bit different at DNA Hotels we call you a friend. Showcase your work or services on a dedicated page which our member properties can log into. The good thing? It is completely free of charge, pockets closed. We just ask you to promote DNA Hotels with your clients. And as soon as we can travel again we appreciate if you book directly through us. As a friend there is usually a preferred rate available. And as a member of The Hotel Writers Club we even offer free stays in return for a great story. That’s what friends are for.

Like to befriend us? Simply send us an email through the contact form. Tell us a little about you and in which regions you work. Have an insider tip for a fabulous place to stay? We are all ears.

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